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How to Support

How to Support
TCCI values strong relationships with our supporters and partners. We are always seeking co-conspirators to dismantle White Supremacy and to build Beloved Community with us.  Contact us to volunteer, help support the work by a one-time donation or monthly giving, and/or sign up for our newsletter to stay abreast of all the happening. Our dedicated team is committed and ready to build a better tomorrow with you.


When you support our work you through your giving you are helping us to build Beloved community. Thank you!

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Sign up for our newsletter to be notified for all our events. Don't forget to register! We look forward to being in space with you!


Sign up to volunteer your time at our programs, retreats, and/or our workshops. We are always looking for co-conspirators to help us create space for reflection, grief, healing and transformation to take place at all of our programs/events. Thank you!

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