Co-Conspirator Institute
We create space to REFLECT, to GRIEVE, to HEAL,

to Be Transformed

The Co-Conspirator Institute does the work of building Beloved Community by creating space to reflect, grieve, heal, and be transformed from the culture of white supremacy.

Our Core Values

We believe all injustice intersects with racism. Dismantling racism is the beginning of justice for humanity.

Racial Justice

We are convinced that the path to heal and transform begins with telling the truth.


We value and love humanity and understand to love people is to love justice.


A core principle in our work and practice. The programs we offer to Black people are funded by grants, donations, and the services we offer our clients in the community.


We value and invite those in our work to have a sense of wonder. To reflect and lean into moments of growth and transformation.


We believe that our struggles are interconnected and our liberation is connected to the liberation of those who are oppressed. "No one is free until we are all free".


Co-conspirators do the work of dismantling racism because as Fannie Lou Hammer and others have said, “no one is free until we all are free.” As co-conspirators our humanity calls for us to do the work of creating a just and equitable society for everyone. To love people is to love justice.

Our Partners

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The Healing Trust
The Dan and Margaret Maddox Fund